50 Ways for Parents to Help Georgia Kids Learn Math

Product Number: EDM508817, 9780635067180


Parents, you can do more than wonder and worry if your child will pass the 6th and 7th grade Math test this year. 

You Can Take Charge!
• Great reinforcement
• Simple, easy, inexpensive, EFFECTIVE!
• Works at home, in the car, on vacation, all school year… summer too! 
• Improves understanding and comprehension! 
• Practical, logical, and FUN!
• The entire family will enjoy… and LEARN!

Oh, yes – and there's a MUCH GREATER CHANCE that your child will pass that darn test – and with flying colors! 

These 50 WAYS use practical, logical, simple, inexpensive ways you can reinforce mathematics, whether that's helping you balance the checkbook… preparing a grocery budget… counting calories… measuring for a new carpet… or more. These methods especially focus on problem areas kids seem to have because they think this is "hard." 

Hard is not the same thing as impossible! More fun, less fussing sound good? 

Success is your goal! Embrace and celebrate Math! 

Start NOW and let every day be one giant step closer to a great school year for you and your children! 

50 Ways for Parents to Help Georgia Kids to Learn Math includes: 
50 Math-Based Ideas and Activities To Do! 
Reproducible Math - The Daily Dozen
How Many? 
Cheat Sheet! 
What Time Is It? 
Fraction to Decimal Conversion
25 Reasons Kids Should Learn Math! 

Product Details

EDM508817, 9780635067180