The Little Red Hen

The lazy rooster and mischievous mouse can't be bothered to help the Little Red Hen tend her ear of wheat. They can't be both...

My Friend Robot!

Complemented by a CD with sing-along music, a story featuring a lively crew of children and their robot friend demonstrates h...

Dump Truck Disco

Dump Truck Daisy and the rest of her construction crew build a secret midnight project, and includes facts about construction...

Driving My Tractor

Chug along with a farmer and his tractor on this multi-season animal adventure! A busy farmer picks up fifteen animals along ...

Dinosaur Rap

A rhythmic introduction to the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous eras and their prehistoric creatures combines colorful artwo...

The Animal Boogie

Swing and sway with the creatures of the jungle and teach coordination with an easy-to-learn dance routine! Children's singer...

Shopping with Dad

In rhyming, bouncy text, young readers are invited to venture to the grocery store with a father-daughter duo on a very livel...

Emily’s Tiger

Emily always lets her inner tiger roar when things do not go her way until her grandmother shows her how to turn her angry ti...

Lola’s Fandango

Little Lola is tired of living in her big sister's shadow. But when she starts taking secret flamenco lessons from her Papi, ...