Studying Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Product Number: EDM4661974

Learning many subjects at once can be so much easier when taught how to study in a more productive way. This quick and easy six-page laminated reference guide will help explain the best way to reinforce what you learn so you can get better grades. Use this guide as a roadmap to learn how to harness the power of routine, build selfdiscipline, and develop time management skills. Follow these proven tactics, and you’ll be a successful student in no time!



6-page laminated guide includes:

  • Start Positive, End Positive
  • Study Habits in Class
  • Reading at Home
  • Studying for Specific Subjects
  • Daily & Weekly Reviews
  • Discipline & Organization in Planning
  • Motivation
  • Power Breaks
  • Study Aids
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Collaborate: Bring Together Great Minds
  • Committing Knowledge to Long Term Memory
  • Study Environment
  • Final Review
  • Why You Should Never Cram
  • Before the Big Day
  • Test Day: Time to Shine
  • Test-Taking Tips

Suggested uses:

  • Parents – Get this guide early and know how to help your child study from a young age to make your, and their, lives easier and ultimately more successful
  • Students – Keep this guide for reviewing regularly until these tactics become habit, then still review the guide for future support
  • Educators & Administrators – Consider buying in bulk as a handout to students to promote healthy study habits, boost test scores, grades and student success rates

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