Persuasive Essay Laminated Study Guide

Product Number: 9781423239925, EDM4665299


The most important form of writing in academics whether for class or for standardized tests is the same skill of persuasion that is monumentally important in life. This 6 page laminated guide has the essentials of building a level of persuasion that cannot be beat. With the task of “selling a jar of trouble” the breakdown of skills to selling an idea, concept or viewpoint in essay form are just as useful for a speech, debate or a sales pitch. Boost scores for essays and on standardized tests for less money than the cost of lunch.

  • Communication & Ethos
  • Goals
  • The Target Audience
  • The Unintended Audience
  • Engaging the Audience
  • Authority & Audience
  • Identifying with the Audience (Immersion)
  • Venue Matters
  • The Vexed Problem of Literacy
  • Outline: How to Persuade People to Buy Trouble
  • Sample Persuasive Essay & Breakdown

Product Details

9781423239925, EDM4665299