Critical Thinking Skill Sharpeners: Connecting School & Home Grade 5

Product Number: EDM65523

Foster your fifth grader’s critical thinking skills and see confidence soar! Children are naturally inquisitive from infancy, yet creative and problem-solving skills need to be nurtured as children grow. Like reading and math skills, critical thinking skills require practice.

The 100+ activities are organized around these 5th grade themes:

  • Places: At Home; Around Town
  • Nature: Forests and Deserts; Mountains and Caves
  • About You: How You Feel; What You Do
  • Resources: We Use Natural Resources; We Use Man-made Things

Grade 5 activities include puzzles, word problems, riddles, and drawings that involve critical thinking skills such as: 

  • Analyze
  • Solve
  • Determine
  • Categorize
  • Create, and more!


Includes answer key.



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