The EDMAT Parent Involvement Kit contains a variety of comprehensive resources to support parental involvement in children’s education. Included in the kit are age and grade appropriate materials that parents can use with their children to support and enhance education beyond the classroom.

Two kits are available: Elementary (PreK-5) and Secondary (6-12). Both kits are composed of several categories including: Reading/ELA, Math, Science, Parenting How-To’s, Test Taking, Lending Library and many more.

This content rich and parent friendly kit includes resources for parents, parent liaisons, teachers and students. The books, manipulatives, games and hands on activities, support strategies for parents to become more engaged in school related activities. The instructional materials included in the kit are aligned to national and state standards.

Items may be ordered separately or purchased as an entire kit. For more information, descriptions and details of kit items visit or contact us @ 404-350-9141 or 1-800-531-7606.

Elementary Parenting Kit




Secondary Parenting Kit